Dr. Ather Akhlaq

Health and Hospital Management Department

Assistant Professor of e-Health


Dr Ather Akhlaq has done his PhD in eHealth (Health Informatics) from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom. He is currently working in IoBM as an Assistant Professor of eHealth and Health and Hospital Management. He did his MPhil of Management (Information Systems) and also received his degree in Master of Computer Science from IoBM. Dr Ather has been awarded PhD scholarship by the Higher Education Commission Pakistan for PhD from the world’s top 50 ranked universities. Also, he won Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship for his PhD.

He has been associated with IoBM as a faculty member since 2010 and actively participated in research and administrative work. He has published many research papers in international journals with high impact factor and H-indexed value. His research interests are health information management, health information exchange, use of open source health technologies, online social media and digital commerce.

Dr Ather has participated in many international conferences and presented his work mainly in the University of Oxford and The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Before joining IoBM, he worked in Bearing Point, a multinational management and technology consultant organisation, as a senior management analyst.

  • Ph.D. – eHealth (Health Information Exchange), The University of Edinburgh (2016)
  • M.Phil. – Management (Digital Commerce), Institute of Business Management (2011)
  • MCS – Networks and Communications, Institute of Business Management (2005)
  • DIT – Diploma in Information Technology, Informatics, NCC UK certified (2001)
  • B.Com. – University of Karachi (2000)
  • Researcher – University of Central Lancashire, England, July – October 2016
  • Teaching Assistant – The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, January – March 2016
  • Researcher – The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, May – July 2014 / July – August 2015
  • Senior Lecturer – Institute of Business Management, September 2013- 2016
  • Lecturer – Institute of Business Management, May 2011- August 2013
  • Instructor – Institute of Business Management, January 2010-2011
  • Senior Management Analyst – Bearing Point US, November 2008 – June 2009
  • Sales and Operations Executive – Feroze Traders, February 2004 – June 2008
  • Tutor – Private, 2000 – 2016
  • Review of evidence on the nature and prevalence of child abuse in Scotland, with specific reference to the abuse of children in residential and foster care.
  • Market research/consultancy on Lower Back Pain digital solutions (such as mobile apps), in association with Digital Health Institute (DHI) Scotland, University of Glasgow and The University of Edinburgh.
  • Systematic review for the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) investigating the relationship between influenza and asthma.
  • Customers’ Preferences for Different Car Brands – Toyota Indus Motors (Institute of Business of Management)
  1. Health Management Information Systems
  2. Advance Qualitative Research
  3. Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis
  4. Capstone Research Project – I
  5. Capstone Research Project – II
  6. E-commerce
  7. Internet Banking
  8. College Algebra
  9. Introduction to Statistics
  10. Inferential Statistics


  • Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, England – “Intentions Towards Online Shopping: A Pakistan Based Study”.
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Scotland – “Health information exchange and its barriers and facilitators in low- and middle-income countries: key healthcare stakeholders’ perceptions from Pakistan”.


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  18. Akhlaq, Ather (2009) SWOT Analysis of the Textile Industry of Pakistan, Pakistan Textile


  • Higher Education Commission Pakistan PhD Scholarship
  • Edinburgh Global Research PhD Scholarship
Institute of Business Management (IoBM)

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