Dr. Omar Javaid

Entrepreneurship Department

 Assistant Professor & Coordinator Entrepreneurship Dept

Counseling Hours: Monday , Tuesday , Thursday
                                   09:00 am to 10:30 am


Dr. Omar Javaid got his PhD in Socially Sustainable Entrepreneurship from IoBM in 2018, has a BE in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering from NED University, Executive MBA from IoBM with majors in Marketing and MS in Management Sciences from KIET. Mr. Javaid has a total of 11 years of experience of working in corporate, non-profit and education sector. His core competence is mentoring new startups and ventures; during previous five years he has helped hundreds of students in their entrepreneurial ambitions. He has also been empowering students to setup micro businesses for poor unemployed folks, and have successfully initiated around 450 such projects during his academic career up till now. He has also published various research articles and editorials in various journals, magazines and news papers; and is a reader of Islamic Economics & Finance, Micro-finance & Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Political Theory, and Philosophy of Economics and Business Management. Apart from teaching at IoBM he is also responsible to mentor IoBM students to setup the entrepreneurial ventures and facilitate in the process of developing of an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the Institute.

PhD in Business Management, with Focus on Entrepreneurship, 2014-2018
From Institute of Business Management

MS in Islamic Economics & Finance, 2010 – 2012
CGPA 3.85 (earned a Gold Medal) From Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology (PAFKIET).

MBA (exec) in Market Management, 2005 – 2007
CGPA 3.2,From Institute of Business Management (IoBM)

B.E in Industrial and Manufacturing, 2000 – 2004
Distinctions: 2nd position in 1st & 2nd year, 3rd position in 3rd & 4th year From NED University of Engr. & Tech.

Intermediate, Pre-Engineering, 1997 – 1999
From Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS)

  • Strategic Visioning: Conducted by Timelenders (February 2010).
  • Strategic Time Management: Conducted by Timelenders (March 2010).
  • Strategic Negotiation Skills: Conducted by Timelenders (April 2010).
  • 390.1x: Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer? A course of study offered by MITx an online learning initiative of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology through edX (April 3rd 2015).
  • Modern University Incubators: Conducted by IBA-CED (January 7th 2015).
Coordinator Entrepreneurial Initiatives & Assistant Professor at IoBM

September 2014 – Present
Responsible for nurturing entrepreneurial minds and facilitating ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ practically establish and grow their business, by providing them guidance, resources, contacts etc also through class room engagement. Also responsible to coordinate all activities within the campus like seminars, speaker sessions, conferences related to entrepreneurship.

Head of CED (Center of Entrepreneurial Development) at PAF-KIET

January 2010 – September 2014
Responsible for nurturing entrepreneurial minds and facilitating ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ practically establish and grow their business by providing them guidance, resources, contacts etc. Have taught the following courses: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurs of Pakistan, Social Advocacy, Leadership & Motivation, Current Affairs, Business Ethics, Psychology & Philosophy, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Marketing.

Dy. Manager Product Development,  Auvitronics Ltd.

December 2003 – April 2009
Responsible for technical supervision of product, Process and equipment development activities, Including OEM and vendor coordination.

Dy. Category Manager, United Refrigeration Limited (Dawlance)

April 2008 – November 2009
Supervised entire supply chain for Washing Machine and Deep Freezers from product development to sales. This included marketing research for new and old products, coordination with technical departments for new product development, Coordination with manufacturing and supply chains for timely availability of products, Coordination with sales team for target achievements and any marketing support required to increase sales, etc.

Workshops, Mentoring and Speaker Sessions
  • Delivered a talk on “How to start your own Business?” at 2nd & 3rd LCL Conference, Islamabad).
  • Delivered a talk on “Being your own boss” at ICMAP, Karachi, February 21st 2014.
  • Delivered a talk on “Have a Business Idea, What’s next” at KYSN,  Karachi, 22nd January, 2015.
  • Delivered a talk on “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership” at IBA – CED, Karachi.
  • Delivered a talk on “Good, Bad and Ugly of Innovation” at Nest I/O, Karachi, 19th May 2015.
  • Delivered a talk on “Entrepreneurship DIY” at KYSN, Karachi, 13th July, 2015.
  • Delivered a talk on Participated as a Judge in Startup Cup 2015 organized in Karachi by TIE
  • Conducted a “Workshop on Opportunity Analysis”, at NED, Karachi, 25th Feb 2016
  • Delivered a talk on “Entrepreneurship, an alternative career choice”, at UIT CPD, Karachi, May 13th, 2016.
  •  Participated as a Judge in Startup Cup 2017 organized in Karachi by TIE
  • Participated as a Judge/Mentor in DICE Project Exhibition at NEDUET on 10th Oct 2018
  • Chaired a session in ICEL 2018, held at IoBM on Oct 20-21, 2018
  • Participated as a Mentor in Youth Innovation Challenge – Season 3 held on 18th Nov at Bahria University, Karachi
Conferences and Workshops organised:
  • “OPEN Certified Entrepreneur” at Dot Zero, Karachi, May 31st, 2014
  • “OPEN Certified Entrepreneur”, on 27th – 1st, Oct 2014
  • eCon2014, OPEN Annual Conference at IoBM on 20th Dec 2014
  • eCon2017, OPEN Annual Conference at IoBM on 14th Jan 2017
Speaker sessions organized at IoBM:
  • Life experience of Dr. Khalid Nizam, IoBM Auditorium, 15th Jan 2015
  • Entrepreneurship motivational session by Idris Kothari, IoBM Auditorium, 11th Apr 2015
  • Entrepreneurship motivational session by Azhar Rizvi, IoBM Auditorium, 12th Sep 2015
  • How to find Investment for startups by Scott Houghton, IoBM Auditorium, 9th Feb 2016
  • Islamic Entrepreneurship by Miles Davis, EMEC IoBM, 25th Mar 2016
  • Story of the greatest social entrepreneur of Pakistan Dr. Amjad Saqib, IoBM Auditorium, 22nd Sep 2016
  • Traditional entrepreneurship with its sociocultural particularities
  • Community Based Entrepreneurship (CBE)
  • Social capital in CBE and entrepreneurship in general
  • Institutional genealogy in post colonial societies
  • Islamic socioeconomic, its philosophy and practice
  • Social entrepreneurship; socially responsible business practices
  • Sociocultural, economic and environmental externalizes of modern business practices
  • Critical evaluation of transhumanist innovations
Research Papers in Peer Reviewed Journals and Book Chapters in Edited Volumes
  • Historical and Ideological Peculiarity of the Monetary Institutions: Islamic and Austrian School’s Perspectives’, as Chap 5 in Islamic Monetary Economics and Institutions: Theory and Practice, edited by Dr. Muhammad Zulkhibri, to be published by Springer (BDS, PRJ)
  • ‘Using Eisenhardt’s method to study Ethnic Entrepreneurial Communities’, co-authored with Dr. Irfan Hyder, in South Asian Journal of Management Sciences, Vol 12, Issue 1, 2018. (BDS, PRJ)
  • ‘How Memon, Delhi Saudagaran and Chinioti Entrepreneurs Start their Ventures’, co-authored with Dr. Aamir Shamsi, Dr. Irfan Hyder, in Pakistan Business Review (awaiting publication in a forth coming issue). (AAS, PRJ)
  • ‘The Loss in Meaning: Influence of Strategy Language and Modern Financial Discourse’ on the Working Concepts in Islamic Banking and Finance’, co-authored with Noman Mehmood and Dr. Aamir Shamsi, in Pakistan Business Review, (awaiting publication in a forth coming issue). (BDS, PRJ)
  • ‘Bureaucratic system of management in Islamic financial institutions: Implications and alternatives for social inclusion’, in Journal of Islamic Business and Management, Vol 6, Issue 2, 2016. (BDS, PRJ)
  • “Methodology of Institutional Analysis and its Implication for Contemporary Framework of Islamic Banks” In Humanomics (Volume 31, volume 2) in 2015. (AAS, PRJ)
  • “The Sociocultural & Economic Context for Practicing Shirkat-ul-Aqd in Ottoman Guilds” in Journal of Pluralism in Economics Education, (Volume 6, Issue 4) in Dec. 2015 (BDS, PRJ)
  • ‘Global Financial Capital vs. Islamic Concept of Wealth: The Question of Ideological Dominance’, in Journal of Islamic Business and Management Vol.5 No.2, 2015 (BDS, PRJ)
  • “Shadow of Conventional Financial Industry on Islamic Banking: The Case against Market Competition and Concept of Risk in Islamic Financial Industry” published in JISR-MSSE, (Volume. 12, Issue 2) in 2014. (BDS, PRJ)
  • “Comparison of Islamic and capitalist conception of Economic Justice” in IJEMA (Volume 21, Issue 1) in Nov. 2012. (BDS, PRJ) Website: http://www.iium.edu.my/enmjournal/index.php/enmj/article/view/229/169
International Conference Presentations
  • “Islamic System of Production and Consumption: A Guide for Muslim Entrepreneurs”, in a International Islamic Entrepreneurship and Business Conference, at Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia, on 22nd Dec 2018 (AAS, APMP)
  • “Historical and ideological particularity of the Monetary Institutions: A comparison of Islamic and Austrian Schools perspectives”, in a workshop on Islamic Monetary Economics and Institutions: Theory and Practice, at Maldives Center of Islamic Finance, Male, Maldives; on 1st and 2nd Nov 2017 (BDS, APMP)
  • “Natural Cooperatives in Muslim world: Traditional Entrepreneurial Communities”, in Thematic workshop on Islamic cooperatives, at University Airlangga, Surabaya Indonesia, on 17th & 18th Oct 2016. (BDS, APMP)
  • ‘Bureaucratic System of Management in Islamic Financial Institutions: Implications & Alternatives for Social Inclusion’, in 4th International conference on Islamic business, at RIphah University, Islamabad, Pakistan, 21st Feb 2016. (BDS, APMP)
  • “Comparing Islamic Concept of Wealth & Modern Financial Capital” Implications for Theory and Practice of Contemporary Islamic Finance” in 10th International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance, Khalifa University Student Center, Doha, Qatar. 23-24 March 2015. (BDS, APMP)
  • “Comparison of Islamic and Capitalistic conception of economic justice” In 2nd International Conference on Islamic Economics & Economies of OIC Countries at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on, 30th January 2013. (BDS, APMP)
  • “Using Constructionist Philosophy to Inculcate Optimism and Philanthropic Spirit among Students” In International Conference on Transforming Pedagogies: Emerging Contexts and Texts of Teacher Education, at Karachi, Pakistan, on 26th October 2010. (AAS, APMP)
Book Translations
Vice President, G.E.A.R (Voluntary Position)

February 2009 – Present

  • Generating Employment Alternatives for self-Reliance’ (www.gear.org.pk) provides interest free microfinance and counseling for establishing micro-enterprise for poor unemployed class.
Member Executive Committee OPEN Karachi

January 2012 – Present
OPEN is a largest global network of Pakistani entrepreneurs. Its Karachi chapter is actively involved in promoting entrepreneurial spirit and facilitating the development of entrepreneurial eco-system with in academic institutions.

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