Javaid Ahmed

Management & HRM Department

Senior Fellow, Strategy & Innovation

Counseling Hours: Tuesday and Thursday
                                   02:00 pm to 04:00 pm

Javaid Ahmed is Sr. Fellow Strategy and Innovation and has been Chairperson of the departments of Marketing and Management-HRD at CBM from 2003 to 2015.  He is a (IFC) Certified Board Director, FCMI-Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (UK), FCIM-Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), Member of Mensa and a UK Chartered Engineer. He has a MBA with Distinction from Lancaster University Management School where his empirical research was awarded 1st prize by the now Chartered Management Institute, and a BSc Engineering from King’s College, London. He brings to academia over 28 years of a successful top management career with the multinational health care industry including over a decade in Switzerland, Malaysia and the Philippines. He is the recipient of the 2013 Faculty Excellence Award of the International Association of Universities Presidents and has served on the Jury of the Prime Ministers’ Corporate Award of Excellence. By invitation, he was admitted in 2016 to the Academic Union, Oxford.

Javaid is case research active in competitive strategy and value innovation, has supervised CBM’s MPhil research and taught the pre-doctoral course on strategy and governance at IoBM. He has written two research based dissertations, published sixteen papers and articles and delivered twenty six selected professional presentations and workshops. Javaid says he is a facilitator, not a teacher nor an entertainer. A great believer in collaborative learning, his sessions engage participants in reflection and action leading to practical knowledge and skills.

He says he has had his share of disappointments.

Interests and Activities

Hobbies: Reading, Business, Science fiction, Traveling, Strategy, Innovation.

School: Captain of Tennis team and secretary of Tennis Club. Tennis Doubles championship and debating champion. School monitor.

University: Tennis and Hockey.

Personal Data: Married, two children (independent professionals).

  • FCMI – Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute,
  • FCIM – Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing,
  • Faculty Achievement Award for “extraordinary achievement in curriculum development and teaching for impact on society and industry”. International Association of University Presidents (IAUP), 2013.
  • Member of the 3-person Jury of the EFP Prime Ministers’ Corporate Award of Excellence, 2011.
  • IFC Certified Trainer: Corporate Governance Board Leadership, 2011.
  • PICG Certified Board Director (IFC Accredited), 2010.
  • Management Development Program, Ashridge Management College, UK, 1992.
  • MBA Business 1976 (HEC MPhil equivalence), LANCASTER University Management School, UK. Empirical Research Dissertation awarded 1st prize by the British Institute of Management (now the Chartered Management Institute): citation “the most meritorious student” (School rated # 1 in World in Strategy in 2015 & # 1 in Marketing in UK).
  • BScEng (Mech/Industrial Engineering, Management & Law). 1973 UNIVERSITY of LONDON, King’s College. (QS Ranking 2016, # 19 in the world)
  • Member of International MENSA.
  • By Invitation, admitted to the Academic Union, Oxford “for consistent activities in research, education and education management and innovative development of modern society. “, 2016.

Statement of Research Interest

  • Active in field researched, case study capture in Competitive Strategy, Market Value Innovation.
  • Empirical research on effectiveness of adult learning pedagogies.

Research Grants and Contracts

  • Led the IoBM team with a research grant of Rs. 2.3 million from Indus Motors Corporation for a Market Research study April – July 2012.
  • World Economic Forum, Competitiveness Support Fund: Executive Opinion survey. April 2009.
  • Pilot Project: Enhancing competitiveness in 5 selected Korangi enterprises. September 2009.
  • Aga Khan University: Focus group research and report for new faculty of Arts and Sciences 2006.

Publications /  Conferences / Dissertations

  1. By invitation, guest participant in the Great Global Debate, World Conference on Business Management, S. Korea, June 2018
  2. Ahmed, Javaid, Masud Marium (2018) Toddlers & Co: Innovate or Die. Accepted as full paper presentation at the 7th AMRC, Asian Management Research and Case Conference, LUMS/IIM/Wollongong, March 2018,
  3. Ahmed, Javaid, et. al. (2017), Strategy for Developing a Sustainable Capital Market. Researched Case Study on The Central Depository Company (CDC) of Pakistan. Accepted as full paper presentation at the 29th IBIMA International Conference, May 2017, Vienna, Austria. Indexed by Thomas Reuters, ISI and Scopus. ISBN: 978-0-9860419-7-6.
  4. Ahmed, Javaid; Kothari; Gul (2015). Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation. 5th Asian Management Research and Case Conference, Jan 2016, University of Wollongong/LUMS/IIM in Dubai.
  5. Ahmed, Javaid & Raza, Amber (2015). Learning by the Case Method in Management Education. 1st National Research Conference, ASMMR, Islamabad.
  6. Ahmed, Javaid; Qureshi, Zafar (2013). Organizational Transformation Challenges at the State Bank of Pakistan (A), (B), (C). Asian Journal of Management Cases, 10(1) 35-75, March 2013. Sage Publications, SJR Score = 0.133, H-Index = 1.
  7. Ahmed, Javaid (2011). A Roadmap for Academic Governance. 22nd International Conference on Higher Education (ICHE), Ankara, Bilkent University, Turkey, June 2011.
  8. Ahmed, Javaid (2010) Issue paper on Corporate Governance, Strategy and Competitiveness presented at the 1st National Conference on Corporate Governance and Strategy, Karachi.
  9. Ahmed, Javaid & Maqbool, Yasir (2010). Tameer Microfinance Bank: Strategy & Competitiveness. 1st National Conference on Corporate Governance and Strategy, Institute of Business Management, Management Association of Pakistan.
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  15. Ahmed, Javaid (2004). Learning Organizations. Conference on Future of Management Education in Pakistan, Association of Management Development Institutions in Pakistan (AMDIP), Sheraton, Karachi.
  16. Ahmed, Javaid, et al. (2003). Marketing strategy of KSE quoted pharmaceutical MNCs. National Industry Conference. Pakistan Business Review, Vol. 5, No. 3, October 2003.
  17. Ahmed, Javaid (1978). A New Frontier in Management Control, Pakistan Management Review, Pakistan Institute of Management. Prize winning paper.
  18. Ahmed, Javaid (1978). Production and Distribution Management Systems, Internal Paper – Board of Industrial Management, Pakistan.
  19. Ahmed, Javaid (1978). Management Information Systems, Internal paper – Board of Industrial Management.
  20. Ahmed, Javaid (1976). Dissertation on Economic forecasting/Investment decision analysis and the treatment of risk and uncertainty. University of Lancaster, School of Management and Organizational Sciences, UK: Dissertation awarded first prize by the British Institute of Management.
  21. Ahmed, Javaid (1975). Finance and Technology – published paper, Investment and Marketing, March 1975.
  22. Ahmed, Javaid (1974). A Study of the worlds’ Motor Industry – published research paper, Trade and Industry, Feb 1974.
  23. Ahmed, Javaid (1973). Dissertation on the Application of the Scientific Method for the selection of personnel in industry. University of London, Kings College.
  24. Ahmed, Javaid (1968). What, How and Why – published collection of debates and speeches. Karachi Grammar School.

Consulting / Creative Accomplishments

  1. Strategic Planning Simulation: Consultative Facilitation for Jaffer Brothers, 125 man-days, April-May 2018.
  2. Appointed Global Consultant at TRAINING LLC, Fremont, CA, USA in Strategic Planning and Value Innovation for European region based clients, Feb. 2018.
  3. IBIMA Publishing, International Committee Board Member.  Indexed by Thomas Reuters, ISI and Scopus. ISBN: 978-0-9860419-7-6. 2017.
  4. Invited speaker at SZABIST, postgrad students and faculty on Value Innovation, April 2017.
  5. Case Reviewer, Sage Publications (H-Indexed) Asian Journal of Management Cases, EBSCO and SCOPUS indexed.
  6. Management Research Reviewer, Pakistan Business Review, HEC Category X Journal.
  7. Invited Moderator, Panel Discussion on Women in Leadership at the 1st International Conference on Women Development, IoBM, November 2015.
  8. Invited Panelist: National Conference on Quality of Responsible Education in Pakistan, Oct. 2012, Karachi.
  9. Shaukat and Raza: Board level Strategic Planning Facilitation, Feb. 2005.


  1. Value Innovation, Simulation Workshop, 16 man-days, Feb 21 2018, Marriott, Karachi.
  2. USAID NPOs 34 man-days, 2 Consultative Workshops, Strategic Planning (April-May 2017).
  3. Value Innovation: 26 executive man-days Consultative Workshop, Management Association of Pakistan, March 28, 29, 2017.
  4. USAID Gender Equity Capacity Building Program February 2017 (35+ man-days).
  5. Invited Panelist to the Karachi Literature Festival, Feb. 2016. Oxford University Press Book Launch.
  6. Strategic Planning: USAID NPOs Management Course, October – Dec 2015, (5 workshops, 100 man-days).
  7. Value Innovation: Executive Workshop, Movenpick, Karachi May 2014.
  8. Blue Ocean Strategy: Executive Workshop, Carlton Resort, Karachi May 2013, MEC/MAP.
  9. Leadership: USAID NPOs Management Course, February 2013.
  10. Strategic Planning: USAID NPOs Management Course, Oct/Dec 2012 (two workshops).
  11. Corporate Governance and Leadership Skills; Director Certification Program, Module 3, August 2012, Karachi.
  12. Corporate Governance and Leadership Skills; Director Certification Program, Modules 1 and 2, July 19, 2012, Karachi.
  13. Blue Ocean Strategy: Executive Workshop, Carlton Resort, Karachi Jan. 2012, MEC/MAP. 28 participants.
  14. Moderated a 2 hour panel discussion on Strategy and Competitiveness of 5 CEOs and a Q/A session with an audience of 150.
  15. “Tipping Point Leadership and Fair Process” PSHRM Management and Leadership Conference, May 2010, Karachi.
  16. Reputational Risk Management, 4th Mathematics Colloquium on Risk Management, March 2010.
  17. Implementation of Pakistan Education Policy, Centre for Research in Sindh Conference, 2009.
  18. Leadership and Management skills: 4 days executive workshop for OGDC, Islamabad, Feb. 2009.
  19. “What Really Matters” presented at the 3rd International Management Conference, March 2008, Sheraton, Karachi.
  20. Strategic Management for GoP, Ministry of population planning, 2006
  21. Shaukat and Raza: Board level Strategic Planning Facilitation, Feb. 2005.
  22. Sales force Productivity: 2 day executive workshop, Nutshell Forum Platform, July 2005.
  23. Sales force Productivity: 2 day executive workshop British Council-ICI platform at the Sheraton, Karachi, Jan 2004
  24. Sales force Productivity: 2 day executive workshop, IoBM Platform, Oct. 2003.


  1. HEC – NBEAC workshop ‘Strategic Planning for Business Schools’, April 24, 25, 2018, IBA Karachi.
  2. AACSB, Art and Science of Learning and Teaching Seminar, Singapore, March 2018.
  3. SSK Faculty Development Program, 4 days, Feb. 2018, Emotional Intelligence, TTI success Insights, SSDII (USA) / IoBM.
  4. 2nd International Conference on Experiential Learning, Oct. 21-22, 2017.
  5. 2nd Faculty Development Colloquium, Association of Management Development Institutions in Pakistan / IoBM Sept. 20-21, 2017.
  6. Blue Ocean Leadership. UCSI Strategy Consulting Program, August 22, 2017. A Leader Acceleration Program, UCSI (Malaysia)/Octara.
  7. IoBM Business Leaders Conference, August 16, 2017
  8. Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation. UCSI Strategy Consulting Program, April 27-28, 2016, Movenpick, Karachi. A Leader Acceleration Program, UCSI (Malaysia)/Octara.
  9. NBEAC – HEC 2nd Deans & Directors Conference, Building Bridges and Fostering Collaborations in Business Education, Feb 2015, Karachi.
  10. Developing Aligned, Engaged & Innovative Organizations: Sean Culey, MAP, Movenpick Hotel, Karachi, Feb. 2015
  11. Harvard University Case Method Teaching Seminar, London, 2014
  12. USAID Citizens Voice Project: ToT NPO Management Course (Comsats, Islamabad, Sept 2012)
  13. Research Methodology, April 2012, IoBM, Karachi
  14. Corporate Governance & Board Leadership 2010
  15. CEOs workshop: World class performance for Pakistan firms. ICI – British Council Management Development Centre, Karachi.
  16. Leadership for CEOs, Pak Institute of Management
  17. Management Development Programme … for effective General Management, Leadership and Change. Ashridge Management College, UK.
  18. Leadership and Influence workshop, DDI (of USA), Manila.
  19. Advanced marketing of consumer health care products.
  20. Computer applications in senior management, Innovara (of USA). Manila.
  21. International Management Development Seminar, Sandoz AG., Basle, Switzerland.
  22. Professional Selling Skills, Sandoz in-house.
  23. Effective Pharmaceutical Marketing, Medical Marketing Seminar (of Holland).
  24. Productivity Improvement, Asian Productivity Consultants.
  • Simulation Software + Executive workbook:
    As an idea which came out of a recent (May 2018) 5-day Strategic Planning & Innovation consultative session with the top and middle management of a conglomerate Jaffer Brothers, the level 4 program on Strategic Management at IoBM will be reconfigured on a ‘learning by doing’ platform where each student now works throughout the semester (a class room eco system of experiential learning) on a hands-on project of the entire process from vision/mission to decision, implementation and control.


  • A new, MBA level-6 course, ‘Marketing Strategies & Value innovation’
    was conceived and structured around Design Thinking delivered through a class room Eco system of experiential learning woven throughout the semester:


  • Brief 30 minutes lecture-discussion around a design concept, followed by its application in a hands on workshop format, followed by a week of field research followed by selected presentations the following week.
  • Carefully selected case studies to further reinforce the framework.




Final Deliverable: A publishable researched case study of a business innovation (value, profit and people) of a real business problem per group of students. Encouraging results are being achieved.

Some nameless learners feedback:

  1. “The materials and teaching methodology is explicitly excellent which has increased the knowledge and experience in terms of experiential learning”.
  2. “This knowledge can be implemented very well in practical life”.
  3. “Learned new things in a practical way”.
  4. “It was a distinct course as compared to other marketing courses”.
  5. “Teachers’ style of teaching always motivated me to come in class and participate”.


  • Teaching pricing models in Marketing
    Prices are often set to satisfy demand or to reflect the ‘value’ consumers are willing to pay for a product or service. Some people say it is unethical to sell a small bottle of water for Rs. 30, or a pair of high end joggers for Rs. 5,000 or a ticket for a dinner ball at the French beach in Karachi for Rs. 30,000.Learners are required to take a position:
    A: Prices should reflect the value that consumers are willing to pay. Verses
    Prices should primarily reflect the cost involved in making the product or service.

The class breaks up in two groups for 40 minutes. Each group takes a position A or B. If an agreement cannot be reached in 5 minutes, the instructor will toss a coin. Each group jointly AND individually prepare their position, using, if necessary, the principles of pricing out of the text book that they have reviewed earlier.

When the class reassembles, some members of each group speak alternatively for 3 to 5 mins. After these persons have delivered their arguments, the subject will be open to the floor for discussion, questions/answers. There will be an open house vote as to which group prevailed and convinced the house.

The instructor concludes with a mini 15 minutes prepared lecture highlighting the key learning points that emerged from the exercise.


  • Judicious and ‘Alert’ use for learning outcomes of ‘Good Job’ and ‘Cheer Up’ cards given for learners inputs and for bringing back the detached.




Institute of Business Management (CBM)
Sr. Fellow/Associate Professor. (2016- )
  1. Teaching: Strategic Management, Value Innovation, Pre-Doctoral Corporate Governance & Strategy.
  2. Intellectual Contribution: Case writing in Competitive Strategy and Market Value Innovation.
  3. Outreach: Executive Training in Strategy, Value Innovation, Marketing, Leadership and Governance.
Chairperson, Marketing (2011-2015),
Management & HRD (2003-2011)

  • Member of the Management Committee
  • Chairman, Board of Studies
  • Oversight Faculty advisor Marketing Society
TEACHING: Responsible for the management of the (10+13) faculty and 26 courses of the Dept. of Marketing.

  • Developing, delivering and testing 42-hour professional academic modules to postgraduate business school audiences: Strategic Management / Business Policy and Marketing Management. One Pre Doctoral teaching course: Corporate Governance and Strategy.
  • Development of Marketing subjects cohort of 26 Course Files and the Department Self Evaluation manual
  • Comprehensive departmental curriculum review, 2013.

RESEARCH: One publishable research paper or case study per year. Fifteen articles/papers published including 5 case studies.

OUTREACH: Responsible as convener for the annual national marketing conference. Two (management) held to date.

Speaker, Strategy Facilitator: IoBM, British Council–ICI (Management Development Services), AKU, ICAP, Shell Tameer, GoP, Nutshell forum, SMEDA, OGDC, MAP, USAID. Developed and delivered 26 successful executive education workshops and done strategy consulting.

MPhil Supervisor (OGS list) 2017 – to date Marketing and Value Creation / Strategy and Competitive Advantage / Strategy & Value Innovation / Effectiveness of adult learning pedagogies.
MBA Program Coordinator
  1. Define & manage program objectives and learning outcomes
  2. Ensure program objectives are met through curriculum content & delivery
  3. Manage the Capstone project and process?
  4. Ensure faculty adequacy as per AACSB standards.

Undergraduate / Graduate Students:

  • Honor Students: 4300+
  • Graduate Students: 1200+
  • Pre Doctoral MPhil: 10+
  • Industry Executive Consultative Man-Days: 800+

Service Activity

  • Member of the University Disciplinary Committee, IoBM 2003-2015
  • Member of the Convocation Committee 2007-09 Valedictorian Counselling – IoBM.
  • Convocation MC 2007 to 2010, IoBM.
  • Secretary to the Academic Council, IoBM, 2004-2012
May 95/Sept 01
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer
Director Marketing
Responsible for providing leadership to marketing, training& ETM. Accountable for the effective development of business strategy for achieving agreed volume and profit objectives.  P& L responsibility for a new third party business unit.

97/96: Two new businesses, oncology and allergy established. RPR becomes the No 1 allergy co. Nasacort achieves No 1 rank 8 months after launch. Taxotere achieves 55% MS in year 1. 1998: 106% budget achieved, growth +15% (vol.). 1999: 103% budget achieved, growth +12%. Jan-Sept 2001 +36% growth (market +8%). 2001/96: RPR 5th fastest growing mnc amongst top 20.

Jan 94/Mar 95
Sandoz (Pakistan)
Group Business Director
P&L responsibility for the mass market Sandoz priority business. Turnaround of a declining business trend achieved after six months. 1994: +13% volume growth achieved (-2% for Pharma division). First quarter 95: 118% target, +10% real growth (vs. +5% Pharma div.).
July 87/Dec 93
Sandoz (Philippines) Inc.
VP Marketing and Sales
Responsible for achieving growth and contribution objectives through a marketing / sales team of 111. (1994: first semester growth +30% … 5th highest in Sandoz world).

1993: 23% growth achieved of marketed products (Pharma market +8%). Group products reached 38% of business, up from 27% in 1992.

Company nominated for the 1992 Asian Management Awards for excellence in Marketing Management.

1987-92: Sandoz among top 10 fastest growing mncs in ethical market at +19% acgr. Market share increase from 1.8% (MAT June 87) to 2.1% (MAT Dec. 92) and rank from 21 to 16.

National sales Manager developed to succeed as head of marketing. Product manager developed to full level of operational expertise and subsequently promoted head PM. Sales force productivity enhancement and upgrading of sales management in place including, interalia, computerized sales operation and regional/territory P&L analysis.

During absence of General Manager, acted as head of Executive Committee.

July 86 /June 87
Sandoz (Pakistan)
Area Sales Manager
Responsible for sales management of the South Area and a 50 man team including 6 Field Managers.  Results include:

  • Fastest growth area (+22%) among three.
  • Best region of the year award to Karachi (out of eleven nationally).
May 84 /June 86
Sandoz AG., Switzerland
Regional Product Manager
Assigned to the Sandoz Corporate headquarters in Basle for developing and implementing regional marketing programmes and LCM projects for the Asia-Pacific region:

  1. Strategy for launch of Mosegor-Vita: 3 weeks June 84, Sandoz Indonesia. 10% MS achieved in first year.
  2. Regional position for re launch of Tavegyl and its line extensions.
  3. As part of strategic study team, analysed opportunities for Sandostatin.
  4. After successful experience of the Visken ‘lipids campaign’ in Australia, strategy rolled out to the region.
  5. Analysed emerging opportunities for a new OTC sales line in Taiwan March ’86 for an additional 2% market share (project implemented).
Jun 82 /Apr 84
Sandoz Pakistan
Group Product Manager
Responsibilities included supervision of 3 Product Managers and new product launches. Results included:

  1. Launch of Viskaldix. #2 rank achieved out of 8 in category.
  2. Launch of Mosegor made it company’s # 1 product in one year.
  3. Six weeks marketing and sales audit of Sandoz Malaysia. Many organizational and product recommendations implemented.
  4. Launch of Triaminic. # 1 rank achieved in six months.
  5. Two product managers developed to full level of operational expertise and a successor placed.
Oct 78 /May 81
Manager of Planning and Logistics
As part of Corporate plan team, developed a 5 year company plan, followed by business and marketing plans. As part of pricing team, negotiated a 12% price increase from drug authorities in 1981 (4% earlier in 79-80).

Designed and implemented a MRP system for inventory and working capital management. Trade service levels increased with significant reduction of working capital. Developed new Materials Manager to full level of operational expertise to succeed as Manager of Planning.

Oct 76 /Sept 78
Pakistan Automobile Corporation, (BIM)
Project Manager
Headed new projects team of largest auto company.
June 76 / Sept 76
James Neill (Sheffield), UK. Consultant
Developed a market research Econometric sales forecasting model. Empirical research awarded prize by the British Institute of Management.
Institute of Business Management (IoBM)

CBM Building: Room No. 203, Institute of Business Management

Korangi Creek, Karachi Pakistan – 75190


Ext – 237