Misbah Iqbal

Accounting and Finance Department

Assistant Professor Accounting & Finance and Coordinator, BS-Social Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership

Counseling Hours: Monday and Wednesday
                                 10:45 am to 12:15 pm


Misbah Iqbal holds an M.Phil in Business Management to be followed by a PhD in Finance. She has also completed her BBA (Hons.), MBA from the Institute of Business Management. She has been teaching Finance and Accounting courses since 17 years, with around 3-year professional experience as an Investment Analyst (covering the Cement, Tractors, FMCG and Automobile sectors) and has been quoted on various national and international magazines for such. She also serves as a Board member and a member of the Audit committee of Civil Society Support Program (CSSP).

M Phil in Business Management In Progress, IoBM
MBA (majors: Finance) 2001
BBA (Hons.) 2000
Assistant Professor, Accounting and Finance & Coordinator BS Social Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership CBM, IoBM (May – todate)
Senior Lecturer, Accounting and Finance & Coordinator BS Social Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership CBM, IoBM (2012 – May,2018)
Senior Lecturer and Assistant Manager Internal Audit and Corporate Affairs IoBM, (2001-2008)
Investment Analyst AKD Securities (2009-2012)
Member of the Board of Directors and member of the Audit Committee of the Board Civil Society Support Program (CSSP)
Member of the Board
  • Board member and a member of the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors of Civil Society Support Program (CSSP),  an NGO that works on social advocacy projects with special focus on youth empowerment. Board positions are honorary and voluntary.
Capstone Projects

Analysis of Asset backed securities regulations of Pakistan: Project of Pragma

Conversion of OTC to Mobile Wallet: Project of Meezan Bank

Training Conducted
  • Trained senior and middle management personnel of various NGOs residing in the country on Financial Management and Resource Mobilization areas. The trainings were conducted under USAID’s and The Asia Foundation’s NPO Management Program of the Citizens Voice Project.
  • Trained youth (ages 17-28) in proposal development area for Empowerment through Creative Integration’s (ECI) 12-day training for Organization development and management. The training was conducted under Karachi Youth Initiative’s (KYI) Change maker Support Program- Lyari. The objective of the training was to prepare selected youth of the law and order stricken area of Lyari to initiate an organization that promotes peace and tranquility in the area.
  • Prepared a trainers’ manual on Basic Accounting for youth ages 18-20 years under the Benazir Bhutto Youth Support Development Program (BBYSDP) of the Government of Sindh.
Conferences, Seminars and Trainings Organized
  • November 29-30, 2017: International Conference on Islamic Banking & Finance – practice, Regulation & Sustainability.
  • Session on Social Entrepreneurship by Ms Shireen Naqvi on March 14, 2017
  • Session by Mr Abdullah Feroz on Burns Centre Karachi, Air Commodore Shabbir Ahmed Khan on Rashidabad Project and Professor Tipu Sultan on Malir University project on February 27, 2018
  • One day training on Social Entrepreneurship for Social Entrepreneurship students by Mr Roy Clunie from Social Enterprise Academy (SEA), Scotland on February 13, 2018. The training was organized in collaboration with SEED Ventures
  • Panel Discussion on Social Entrepreneurship under Global Entrepreneurship Week, organized in collaboration with Shell Tameer. Panel members included Mr Faraz Khan, CEO SEED Ventures, Muhammad Waqas, CEO Wonder Tree, Dr Sara Saeed, owner Sehat Kahant and Ms Xiaowei, GM External relations, Asia Pacific Shell Others
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Charter for Compassion (CFC) to train students on social entrepreneurship projects. This is done in the form of semester long internships. SESL students spend two full days of a week working on projects initiated by CFC.
  • Collaborate with local and international Social entrepreneurs to train students determine societal needs and help them start their social entrepreneurship ventures.
  • Curriculum development of each of the social entrepreneurship courses in collaboration with social entrepreneurs, philosophers, social rights activists, as well business professionals.
Training’s Attended

Two day training on Social Entrepreneurship organized by Social enterprise Academy, Scotland and SEED Ventures:

  • Stage 1, Februray 1 and 2, 2017
  • Stage 2: April 19 and 20, 2017

She has been teaching Finance and Accounting courses since past sixteen years and have written and presented research papers based on these courses. Her research papers have been published in the Pakistan Business Review and presented in different national and international conferences. Her research interests are as diverse as Financial Management, Capital Markets, Financial Markets, History and Development of Sindh, South Asia and Islam, Study of Cultures, Spirituality and Cognitive Sciences.

– Enlist the courses you teach

  • Financial Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Modeling
  • Financial Institutions
  • Financial Accounting

– Enlist your research interest – specific ones

  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Finance
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Socio-Economic structure/behaviors in Pakistan
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Cognitive Sciences
  • Developed and coordinating BS Social Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership. This program was initiated with the idea of providing youth of the country with education and training to understand the communities and people residing in Pakistan and find specific niche’ and opportunities where there is a real need to solve social issues of the country. The program aims to provide the students with entrepreneurial and leadership skills as well as psychological and philosophical knowledge of Pakistani people so that they can initiate their own startups to solve social of the country.
  • Experiential Leaning Projects in Social Entrepreneurship
  • Field trip to Thatta, Makli and Bhambhore on February 25, 2017
  • Organized CFA Level I Preparation in collaboration with IFT
  • Arsalan.T,Amama.U,Iqbal.M,Maheshwari.M.(Accepted to be published in April 2019 issue).Impact of Risk & Macro Economic Variables on Return of Banking Sector Stocks in Pakistan. Pakistan Business Review
  • Conducted a research on “Effect of Prudential Regulations for banks issued by the State Bank of Pakistan, on Long term Financing,” published in the Pakistan Business Review, April 2004 issue.
Conference Paper Presentations
  • Presented a paper in International Journals of Arts and Sciences Academic Conference, held at the Harvard Campus in Boston, USA on May 26-30, 2015. The paper was titled, Determinants of Dividend Payout- a study on Banks listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange.
  • Presented a paper in International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences (IISES) 9th Academic Conference, held in Istanbul, Turkey on April 13-16, 2014. The paper was titled, ‘Effectiveness of Signaling Theory in Pakistan- testing the relationship between current dividend and future profits.’
  • Presented a research paper “Integrating Karachi into Sindh,” co-authored with Dr. Javed Akbar Ansari (Ex-Dean CBM), in the International Sindh Conference, organized by Institute of Business Management, September 2012.
  • Referred in ‘Forbes Asia-Sep’11 online issue’ on Pakistan Tractor Industry-specially Millat Tractors Limited. Kindly refer to: http://www.forbes.com/sites/helencoster/2011/09/08/yes-virginia-there-really-is-some-good-news-in-pakistan/
  • Quoted on Bloomberg news on the development in FMCG industry of Pakistan, http://mobile.bloomberg.com/news/2011-10-04/pakistan-terrorists-no-sales-bar-as-unilever-converges-with-nestle-retail?category=%2Fleaders%2F
  • Authored a detailed report on Cement Industry of Pakistan- potential in smaller cement scrips, as an Investment Analyst at AKD Securities.
  • Authored a detailed report on Tractor Industry of Pakistan, featuring potential in the tractor industry on the bases of risen agriculture incomes and post flood situation. The report presented the case of 1990s floods and the revival of agri-industry, thereafter.
  • Authored a detailed report on FMCG Industry of Pakistan and potential in Unilever Limited, featuring in detail the effect of demographics-literacy rate, population growth, increasing per capita income, proportion of youth population, increasing urbanization and increasing workforce n FMCG sales and growth.
  • Conducted a research and submitted a paper under the supervision of Dr Javed Ansari (Ex-Dean, College Of Business Management) in the Pakistan Industry Conference on “Financial condition of the Pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan.”
  • A certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner, trained by Professor Dr. Moiz Hussain. Created in early 70’s by Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr John Grindler, NLP is the science of how to most effectively communicate with your brain and nervous system to produce various behavioral results.
  • Trained on ‘Silva Mind Method,’ a program designed by Jose Silva (an American parapsychologist) in the 1960s. The Silva Method is designed to help humans learn to use more of their brain and elevate the creative powers of their mind through the use of visualization, imagination, positive thinking and meditation. The method consists of guided exercises that allow trainees to learn to enter a relaxed alpha state where they are impressed with tools and techniques that can be applied to improve all areas of life.
  • A certified Reiki healer, trained on both Sui and Karuna Reiki (Japanese healing method)
  • “Fourth Dimension-Mind Power Level I & II,” by Professor Dr Moiz Hussain, The Institute of Mind Sciences.


Institute of Business Management (IoBM)

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