Rehan Muzamil Butt

Entrepreneurship Department

Senior Lecturer

Counseling Hours: 

M.B.A. from University of Wales, U.K. in management in developing countries and Japanese management system. Over 15 years of business experience in Marketing and distribution of FMCG, B to B tender business, Raw material supplies to fan industry, several CSR projects, research paper presentations in international conferences. 15 years industry and 5 years teaching experience in several reputable universities. Special interests, Business Ethics, Islamic Marketing & Islamic Supply Chain.

PhD. (Under Process)   IIUM, Malaysia

MBA   1992-93               University of Wales, Cardiff Business School, U.K.

B.Com 1987-91              Govt. College of Commerce & Economics, Karachi University.

Metric 1984-85               St. Patrick’s High School.

TRANS –  MEDICAL (AGENTS TEKNO-MEDICAL, GERMANY )        Mar’-2007 to Dec’ 2011 

  • Worked as C.E.O.
  • Achievements:
  • Introduced Tekno-Medical products in private institutes such as Aga Khan Hospital as well as far flung government hospitals.
  • Achieved company sales targets. Received training in Germany on sales promotion techniques.
  • Developing new Business opportunities.

ENDO-KARE ( AGENTS OLYMPUS, JAPAN)                Oct’-2002 to Jan’ 2007

  • Worked as Branch Manager (South)
  • Achievements:
  • First time achievement of sales targets in zone.
  • Developing new Business opportunities.

R.A. DISTRIBUTER            Aug’1998 to Sept’2002

  • Worked as Partner
  • Job Achievements:
  • Launched “Eazygrip” tooth brush for Werrick Pharma in Karchi.
  • Re-launched well-known confectionary brand “Bunties” in South Pakistan.

M.M.BUTT CORP.                       1993 Up-to 1998

  • Worked as Import Manager
  • Achievements:
  • Visited Germany and Sweden to negotiate contracts with new suppliers.

Special interests, Business Ethics, Islamic Marketing & Islamic Supply Chain, welfare activities, new business startup consultancy, motivational speaker.

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  • Siddiqui, Tarani, Fatani, Raza,  Butt, R.M.  and Azeema  (2016) “Effect Of Size, Location And Content Of Billboards On Brand Awareness” Journal of Business Studies Quarterly    2016, Volume 8, Number 2  ISSN 2152-1034
  • Research Assistant at International Islamic University, Malaysia. From 17th Oct’ 2017 to 28th Feb’2018, Department of Communication, Research topic “Media uses by selected refugees in Malaysia”. Under supervision of Dr. Aida Mokhtar, Lecturer & Principal Researcher.

Multiple researches supervised at Post-Masters level. Few topics below:

  • The effect of stress on employee job performance.
  • Difference between Islamic Marketing and Halaal Marketing.
  • Consumer’s attitudes and behaviors towards carbonate soft drinks in Pakistan.
  • Influence of brand image and brand trust on buying behavior.

Although majority of my 23 year professional carrier comprises of business executive, i.e. 19 years, it had always been my vision to leave behind a legacy of well groomed and educated personnel, who will bring pride and honor to the mentor and be a medium of salvation in the hereafter as well.

Having a background of a progressively religious family, groomed in the Western culture, where I completed my MBA, and then travelled to U.K., Germany, Italy and Sweden for business, had the opportunity to implement the concepts learnt in the universities of the East and the West. My unique experience of having the exposure of international trade, industrial supplies, as well as FMCG retail marketing and distribution; further government tender supply chain experience provided ample case study material to be taught to students in the fields of management, marketing and supply chain, without referring to any text books for case studies. In fact, text books are nothing more than the experiences of successful businesses shared with the whole world. This is my philosophy of learning, and I live for it. It gives me satisfaction to share it with others. This passion brought me to education sector. I equally enjoy teaching to full time teenagers, as well as part time, mature executives as well.

During my teaching tenure, I have shifted from basic courses, such as principles of marketing and consumer behavior, to advanced courses like supply chain management and industrial and services marketing, which I feel is the need of the day. Entrepreneurship and small business are still my personal favorites, since it needs a command in all subjects at the same time.

My recent initiation of registering in PhD is my on-going endeavor to quench my thrust of knowledge.   I intend to do further research in the field of identifying the gaps between the higher educational and research institutes, and the industry or corporate world. How to bridge this gap.

As regards my teaching strategies, my introduction class always concentrates on motivating and convincing the audience to bridge the gap existing between theory, practical, individual, corporate and societal level. Why are they here. What they hope to achieve. This helps them to absorb the theoretical constructs and to implement them in their minds to practical fields. The inexperienced fresh students need more exposure to practical office environment, such as field trips and presentations. While, for working class students, I ask them to bring their office cases to be discussed in class as real live case studies, which bridge the gap theory and practice.


  • Research coordinator (MBA, Management Sciences) 2015-2018
  • Mentor (Student Welfare Society) 2016-2018
  • Recorded a series of lectures on Pakistan based Television Channel for teenage student audience on the topic of “Modern business ethics and its similarities or dissimilarities to Islamic ideologies.”
  • Member ICCBS Karachi University Incubator Business startup committee.
  • Member  Rehbur Programme , “The Citizens Foundation” (TCF).
  • Member  Student Carrier Counseling , “The Citizens Foundation” (TCF).
  • Member “Akber Shahbaz Foundation” (Charity work in Education).
  • Member “NEW-TRUST” (Charity work in Medical Hospitals).
  • Program Coordinator at MAJU Juniors for Vocational Programs.
Institute of Business Management (IoBM)

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