Zafar Mehdi

Management and HRM department

Assistant Professor

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Zafar Mehdi is serving as Assistant Professor in this department. He is perusing PhD from this prestigious institute. In academia, he taught in Bahria College, Wesgreen International School-UAE, PAK-KIET, Mohammed Ali Jinnah University, and Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan. Before joining Iobm he was serving as Assistant Professor in SZABIST Karachi Campus. In Industry he worked in multinational culture and executed responsibilities as Administrative Manager and Director on ‘Japan –Turkey-Mitsubishi joint venture’ in UAE. Locally he worked an Administrative officer in Inter Cable Communication (Business Partner, Paktel)-Karachi. Mr. Mehdi worked as term paper and assignment supervisor as well as online tutor for the students of the London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Leeds, University of Nottingham and London Metropolitan University. ICMAP rewarded him four ‘Faculty role of honor’ awards on producing the best results on national and international level.  He is recognized as the best performance faculty on national level by awarding him as ‘Meritorious faculty’. The areas of the research interests/publications of Mr. Mehdi are political economy, training and development, human and organizational development, globalization and labor governance.  He contributed 120 research-based articles in Daily Dawn, the News International, Daily Jang Newspaper and Management Accountant Journal, Daily Jung and Family Magazine on the topics of “business economy and international relations. One of his research papers is accepted (for publication in 2019) in Pakistan Business Review (X category Journal). He presented a research paper in a national conference held at PAF-KIET in 2003 and also served as conference coordinator in the same event. He worked as the member of publication committee for 2nd National Conference on Management and Business organized by SZABIST-Karachi campus in 2017. He reviewed and edited the text book “Enterprise Management” published by the Kaplan-UK publishing company. He also serves as a philanthropist, voluntarily, in the capacity of Advisor in a local NGO.

  • PhD ( In progress) From Institute of Business Management
  • M.Phil. (Business Management) From Institute of Business Management
  • MPA (HRM) From Karachi University
  • MA(International Relations) From Karachi University
  • BSc (Physics, Mathematics and Statistics)-Affiliated College of Karachi University

Industry Experience  

  • He worked for three years as Administrative Manager and Director on a Japan-Turkey-Mitsubishi- Joint venture in the Middle East. He developed HR and Administrative System and lead a team of multicultural background that worked on UAE sponsored Mega Projects.
  • He served for four years as Administrative officer in Inter Cable Communication (Business Partner, Paktel)-Karachi. He looked after the operational tasks including general office administration.

Teaching Experience

  • Worked as permanent faculty in Bahria College (Pakistan Navy), PAF-KIET Wesgreen International School Sharjah, UAE and SZABIST-Karachi Campus.
  • Served as Visiting Faculty in MAJU, PAF-KIET, Bahria University, ICMAP and IoBM.

Volunteer to Non-Governmental Organizations as motivation speaker and advise these organizations on development, change management, quality management and High performance HR policies and practices.

  • Teaching: HRM, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Training and Development, Management and Organizational Dynamics
  • Research Interest: Services Quality Measurement Models, Theories of HRM, Training and Development and Political Economy.

During association with a UAE based company, developed Admin and HR system of a startup business the decision making, hierarchy, HR and Admin structure were initiated. Through observation and interview developed Job descriptions, Key Performance Indicators and performance evaluation structure.

  • Research Paper accepted in Pakistan Business Review for the publication in April 2019 Issue titled “Assessing the service quality of retail stores using Retail Service Quality Model (RSQS)” (BDS) (AAS) (PRJ)
  • Research Paper titled “The potential of online start-up for the youth of Pakistan” is under review in Journal of Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. (BDS) (AAS) (PRJ)
  • Wrote three research articles on political economy in Management Accountant Journal in 2006 and 2007. (BDS) (AAS) (PRJ)
  • Published essays in Leadership, Education and Business and Economic Review pages of Daily Dawn from 2006 to 2011 (BDS) (AAS)
  • Produced policy review articles in the NEWS INTERNATIONAL on Middles East, US Foreign Policy and Nuclear Proliferation in Middle East. (BDS) (AAS)
  • Reviewed and edited a book published by the Kaplan-UK Publisher in 2011. (TB)
  • Presented a Research Paper in a National Conference held in Pakistan Air Force-Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology in 2003 (BDS) (AAS)
  • Worked as the member of the publication committee of 2nd National Research Conference on Management and Business in 2017. (BDS)

Reading Newspaper and Journals, Philanthropy and active participation in seminars and workshops for self and professional development.

Writing in leading Newspapers occasionally on political economy, human development and globalization.

  • Tokyo Foundation Japan- a leading think tank focuses on development, political economy and public policies of developing and developed countries.
  • The Pakistan Institute of International Affair, main domains are Pakistan foreign policy and International Relations of Pakistan.
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